"Together... bringing Clowning into the 21st Century."
National Clown Arts Project, Inc.

The National Clown Arts Project, Inc. continues the legacy started by legendary performing clown artists through performances, education, and integrated arts programs. The NCAP, Inc. produces a unique annual event, Clownfest, that perpetuates the art of clowning. Uniting clown artists from around the globe presenting world class family entertainment. As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) performing arts and educational organization, we reach out to the entire national clown community and beyond.


Mission Statement

The National Clowns Arts Project, Inc. is committed to representing the "Clown Arts" at the highest level. We provide clowns, from around the world, a platform of learning and sharing of their own special talents which will be connected to the community through performances, education and an integrated arts program

 Clownfest TM

Clownfest began as the "Garden State Clown Convention" in 1981 on the boardwalk of Asbury Park. Vincent A. Pagliano produced the event in conjunction with the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce. It was a huge success right from the beginning bringing the colorful clowns together with the community at the ocean. In time it was renamed the "Asbury Park Festival of Clowns"

The National Clown Arts Council, Inc. was formed in 1987. A new name for the outreach and training program took form and was trademarked as... "Clownfest".

This grand event moved in 1988 and had found a home in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.
In 1996 there was a new name for the non profit corporation that Vincent A. Pagliano now oversees with his family, it is the "National Clown Arts Project, Inc.".

For twenty-three years, Seaside Heights, NJ, had been the only town in the nation to continually perpetuate and support the art of clowning through this annual national clown event. Sadly Seaside Heights was destroyed by Super Storm Sandy in 2012.

Clownfest not only brought the clowns together with the community but it allowed them to be clowns for a day on the big boardwalk for the Clownfest Parade. The parade was the culmination of a week long learning process by the clowns and it brings the clowns out to perform and interact with the people.

In 2013 Clownfest has moved it's programs to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The event takes place at the "Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center". This 300 bedroom hotel is the perfect location with classrooms and a rooms to display clown supplies with specialty venders. There is a special banquette room to provide a place for the awards and dinner. The hotel has all the amenities to accommodate their guests making this a perfect place for Clownfest.

To keep the programs with the public in place Clownfest has formed an alliance with the "Lancaster Barnstormers" minor league baseball team. The clowns will make an appearance at the "Clipper Magazine Stadium" on a Friday evening to parade and meet n' greet the fans. The fans are encouraged to be clowns for the evening keeping the Clownfest tradition of mixing the public with the clowns alive.

"Clownfest 2013" will mark thirty-two years of this special national clown event

Vince A. Pagliano, Chairman, NCAP, Inc.