Get Ready for | Clownfest 2015 | September 15th 2015

Where the Funny Hits the Road
34th Aniversery of Clownfest back in Lancaster PA.

Preparing for Clownfest 2015

Clownfest 2009 LogoIt is once again time to put on the makeup and big shoes for the the 34th edition of Clownfest. This year we bring the funny back to Lancaster PA and the Lancaster Host Resort. This event draws clowns from all over the country, Puerto Rico and Canada. The convention offers classes in the clown arts, coaching and competitions with a chance to shop with twenty-one national clown and magic suppliers from all over the nation. There is even a special event before the public at the Clipper Magazine Stadium and they are rolling out the red carpet for us.

The goal of Clownfest is to have something for everybody from the very Vince Pagliano of Clownfestnovice clown to the seasoned professional. Our staff is exceptional and it is the only stable staff in the nation that is in place yearly.

Clownfest has national speakers and over 20 lectures and workshops in the clown arts to choose from. Our trainers are from the mainstream of clowning today. There are more class choices and Stacy Maurer Associate at Clownfest 2009more opportunities at Clownfest that any other event in the world. The trainers are simply THE trainers of the nation in the clown arts. Anybody who is anybody in clowning is at Clownfest. It is our goal to cover every aspect of clowning and to present the finest trainers available. Additionally Clownfest has brought featured clown artists of the highest degree as special attractions. They are not seen at any other event.

Phil Stone and Lean Davis of Clownfest 2009Clowns are sure to take away some great new skills and ideas. The schedule has a most prestigious list of trainers and this is an event that surely enhances the clowning experience. The participants get to network with their peers in no other way while training together and actually clowning together is unique to Clownfest. Lot's of fun experiences for the clowns mixed with lots of education... an edu-vention! At Clownfest we coined the phrase and we live by it.

Welcome to Clownfest 2015