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Taking Cherry Hill by Storm!
Preparing for Clownfest 2003

With all eyes on the Hurricane Isabell and the possible heavy weather it could bring the Clownfest team gathers in Cherry Hill New Jersey to prepare for the 23th edition of Clownfest. The staff met Tuesday night to discuss how best to use the new space afforded them by the Hilton, new locations for the registration tables sign in sheets and lecture rooms were first up on the order of business. Other major issues of the night include last minute assignments and schedule changes. Earlier in the evening many of the dealers had started rolling in and loading their merchandise into the dealers rooms. One major change for those who have attended clownfest in the past is that the dealers are now located in 2 large rooms instead of the smaller first floor rooms. Another change for long time Clownfest attendies is that all the lectures are now located under one roof. According to Vince Pagliano of N.C.A.P "Clownfest will reach new heights as it takes to the Cherry Hill Hilton by storm this week. We'll all be safe and secure in our new digs even with the storms coming up the coast. It is sixty miles from the Jersey Shore and you are sure to stay pretty dry as you go to all the classes and activities during the week. So All in all the weather forecast inside the Hilton Hotel is clear with occasional chandelier lighting. Some passing waiters with water pitchers are predicted Saturday being Partly clowny with rolling laughter followed by thunderous applause.

Welcome to Clownfest 2003